SALES’ newest album Forever & Ever will give you peace of mind

During the middle of summer, SALES released their newest album, Forever & Ever on July 19, 2018.

The album produces a lo-fi pop sound to slightly mirror their 2016 SALES LP. Band members from Orlando, Florida, Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih, create the soft sounding album which delivers a melancholy vibe while giving perspective on small life situations.

Originally, SALES started producing music on Bandcamp prior to releasing their first EP in 2014. Shortly after that, it was only two years later when their long play album made its debut.

The guitar, played by Jordan Shih, creates a gentle and romantic sound in each song while the beat of each song echoes in the background from a simple drum machine. SALES uses this instrument to make each song special, and their delicate melodies help to set their sound apart from other current indie pop bands.

Lauren Morgan’s vocals remain airy, almost reminiscent of Victoria Legrand’s vocals in the band, Beach House but with a sweeter resonance which surrounds their emotional lyrics.

To share an example of the different moods that Forever & Ever reflects, their song “White Jeans” centers around attraction to someone at a party where that person’s white jeans stand out, showing that they’re noticed. The person wearing them is just having a good time dancing around, acknowledging the attention. The song is reminiscent of a simple part of a fun night.

In a more emotionally complex song on the album, “You Look Well,” shares an experience of meeting someone familiar again after a long period of time. The song could hint at past miscommunication with an old flame, but also shares how both people are doing well even though a longing feeling on each side may still linger.

These are personal takes on what situations both songs could represent, but as a listener the simple lyrics throughout make expressing difficult emotions sound easier.

Other dreamy songs off of the album consist of “Moon Dogs,” “Spiral,” and “Rainy Day Loop” which are some of my favorites.

Suitable for the over-thinkers and the day-dreamers, Forever & Ever resembles a relatable race of thoughts. And while your head may be stuck in thought bubble clouds, the album reminds listeners that your thoughts are important and beautiful. It shows that even though moments can be short and small in size, they are significantly large at heart.

SALES will be performing at the Rock & Roll Hotel in D.C. on September 26, 2018. Tour dates and tickets can be found here.

Written by WMUC Music Director, Teresa Johnson.

Photo courtesy of SALES’ Bandcamp.


Reposted from WMUC Tumblr

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